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Wool Effect Coats

I think I can safely say that I have had many enquiries and requests for my pure wool coats. That is until they hear the price.  Reality is that the Harris Tweed and other wool fabrics that I use start at around £50 which will only make the smallest of coats.  Add in specialist care instructions..... Needless to say I have been looking for some time to find something that will fill the remit but will have a less expensive pricetag and can be machine washed.


When I purchased this fabric I really did not expect it to live up to the claims of looking and feeling like wool.  I expected to be returning it to the manufacturer.  I can only say I was surprised when it arrived because it did what it said on the ticket.  It looked and felt exactly like wool.  With a composition of 78% polyester and 22% cotton it means it can be machine washed. Best of all, whilst expensive it is much cheaper than the real thing.  Other colours will be added if there is call for them.


The coat in the picture does not have bound edges but there is no reason why it couldn't have.  Please just ask at time of order.


Cost  (plus post)


IG Sizes - £30

Whippet Sizes - £35

Greyhound Sizes - £55


Other Breeds - Prices on Request


Whilst these prices may seem steep they are approximately 50% of the cost of a pure wool coat.