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It came to my attention a short while ago, please see my blog post for date, of a seller who was using my work and portraying it as their own!


Whilst this is not that unusual in the handmade market, I feel that it is necessary to place a post here to hopefully protect customers from a potential scam!


I have run a shop on Etsy since I opened my online business in 2008.  Quite recently I became aware of another shop, trading as "mustlovedogdesigns" owner called David who had copied and pasted a complete listing including photograph and business name and was using it as their own.


As Etsy believe that these people are reasonable, as is their requirement, I contacted the seller and requested removal of this listing.  Naturally and confirming my belief I heard nothing.  I then contacted Etsy directly and received a response that they were prepared to do nothing.  


The item of mine in question is a coat and is being sold for under $20 with postage of about $1.50.  There is one of two possible scenarios:


1) This seller is using my work as a front to sell something of inferior quality which does not match the description or photograph

2) You will receive nothing and it is a SCAM to relieve you of you hard earned money!


HOW DOES THIS AFFECT BLEAKHOUNDS DESIGN:  well it doesn't!  I will admit to being extremely annoyed.  I will also admit to being extremely angry that this business is using my name to gain funds in a way that, at the very least, appears to be dodgy.  In terms of liability: for me there is none!


Whatever the aim of David of "mustlovedogdesigns" anyone choosing to purchase from this Etsy store are entering into a contract of sale directly with him.  Any issues should be aimed directly at them and/or Etsy.  Despite the use of my business name, photo and listing I will receive no funds for any order placed with this company and will certainly accept no liability for any order placed with them.


Since I first found this store I have been doing some research to see if my listing(s) where being used elsewhere as well.  Whilst I could not find any I cannot say for definate that there are none.  What I can say is that the black and zebra fleece coat that is also listed in this shop is another item that has been taken from another business.  I have spoken at length with the owner of this work and she is well aware of what is going on.


Please be careful.  If you wish to purchase my work I sell through the following:


1) My Website

2) Etsy - as bleakhounds

3) Ebay - as beauthewhippet


This page will be kept up to date as and when is necessary.


Thank you for your patience, understanding, loyalty and above all your custom!