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Dachshund Coats

I have spent many years making coats for sighthounds with their lack of body fat and unique shape who also dislike the rain and cold.


Dachshunds have many of the same characteristics and after much study of the breed and time designing I have come up with a range of coats that I feel suits their breed.  My coats will come in a variety of styles which I hope fits their large character but also the contours of their bodies.  Allowing them to be out of doors and stay warm and dry.


I will be offering four sizes of coat:


Min          Length 12" - including collar approx 16"

               Belt adjusts from approx 14" to 19"


Mid          Length  14" - including collar approx 19"

               Belt adjusts from approx 16" to 20"


Max         Length 16" - including collar 20"

               Belt adjusts from approx 18" to 22"





As with all my coats,  it is important to measure your dog carefully before you choose the size of coat you require.  All coat sizes are based on a shoulder to base of tail measurement.  If you are at all unsure, please email me for advice. Please take a look at the fabric pages to make your choice and email me with your requirements for custom made coats.  As always there will be a selection available on my Shop Page.



Quilted Waterproof Coat - from £27.50 plus post

Cotton Lined 4oz Waterproof - from £23 plus post




























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