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Welcome to my Blog.  I hope you enjoy reading my posts.

By bleakhoundsdesign, Sep 20 2017 04:00PM

Just a short message to thank you all for keeping me extremely busy with all your orders. Thank you to each an every one of you. All ordesare currently being mailes in the timescale stated at the time of order. Please be aware that there is only me (not a huge team of people) that are responsible for getting your order into the post for you. If it takes an extra day, please accept my apologies. Any major delays I will notify you of.

By bleakhoundsdesign, Sep 13 2017 01:00PM

When I set my prices in 2008 sterling was strong against major currencies and was achieving over $2 to the pound. Since then there has been a steady decline in the value of sterling and since June 2016 a major decrease.

I have held off increasing my collar prices and absorbed the increases in costs from my suppliers and exchange rate. Sadly I can do this no longer. I had to take the decision to either cut the quality of my products or raise my prices.

With immediate effect I have raised the cost of all 1.5" and 2" collars using solid brass fittings. Despite this my collar prices are still lower than many of my competitors! The price of collars using nickel fittings remain unchanged.

I hope you will understand that I have not taken this decision lightly but earning less than the minumum wage is really not acceptable.

Thank you for your understanding!

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